Thermal Spa Hotel Eurostars Isla de la Toja

Thermal Spa Hotel Eurostars Isla de la Toja

Type of waters

Offers chloride-rich, sodium-rich, bromide-rich, iron-rich, fluoride-rich and lithium-rich water, with a high calcium, potassium and magnesium content. They are hyperthermal waters due to their temperature, which varies between 20 and 60 °C.

Therapeutic indications

  • dermatological therapies
  • rheumatisms
  • rehabilitation and muscle recovery
  • respiratory system
  • stress


The thermal spa offers hydrothermal treatment techniques:

  • mineral-medicinal water baths
  • underwater massage (Vichy shower)
  • jet showers
  • inhalation sprays
  • sprays
  • nasal shower

These techniques are complemented by:

  • Paraffin mud treatments
  • relaxing and therapeutic massages
  • seaweed wraps with Toja salts
  • peloids (thermal mud indicated for psoriasis, dermatitis, etc)

Hotel Services

The hotel has 104 rooms, with free Wi-Fi. It has a library and a television room, a congress and convention centre, as well as three restaurants and two cafeterias. Visitors can also enjoy a 190 m2 outdoor swimming pool, rehabilitation clinic and fitness club. Parking available.


A mixed building, which combines the restoration of the old soap factory of La Toja with newly created areas. It contains the hotel and the thermal spa, which occupies 4,000 m2 of the lower part, with covered and open-air spaces for the therapeutic centre and the thermal spa leisure club. An especially noteworthy feature is the large windows that surround the marine swimming pool and from which there are beautiful views of the Arousa estuary.

Enjoy the surroundings

A Toxa - O Grove

Hotel Eurostars Isla de la Toja

The island of La Toja, declared a Centre of National Tourist Interest, belongs to the municipality of O Grove, formed by a small peninsula that separates the estuaries of Arousa and Pontevedra. The beauty of its coast and the island itself have made this town one of the most important tourist destinations in Galicia.


Type of accommodation:
Thermal Spa Hotel ****

Health Registration Number:

Opening Period:
All year

36991 Illa da Toxa.
O Grove (Pontevedra)
Tel: 986 730 050
Fax: 986 730 101