Sousas Thermal Spa (Verín)

Sousas Thermal Spa (Verín)

Type of waters

Offers bicarbonate-rich, sodium-rich, lithium-rich and fluoride-rich waters, which emerge at a temperature of 19 °C.

Therapeutic indications

  • kidney problems
  • hyperchlorhydria
  • gastralgia
  • gastric ulcer
  • chronic enteritis
  • hepatogenous jaundice
  • chronic vesical catarrh
  • incipient calculi
  • chronic prostatitis


  • drinking (the water drinking service is free)


The first thermal spa facilities date from 1859. The hotel was built at the beginning of the 20th century and operated until 1960. Today, the old kiosk is preserved, inside which is the fountain that is used for water treatment, in progressive stages, for fifteen days.

At present its waters are marketed as bottled drinking water, with the classification of Natural Mineral Water, but there is evidence that in earlier times they were also used for bathing.

Enjoy the surroundings


Balneario de Sousas (Verín)

Verín is located in the heart of the fertile Monterrei valley, on the banks of the river Támega, in the southernmost tip of eastern Galicia. The town, which arose at the foot of an important medieval fortress, is an obligatory transit point between Portugal and Castile and a traditional resting place due to the quality of its medicinal waters. It is also a stopover point for pilgrims travelling to Compostela, as the busy Via de la Plata runs through its streets.

Visitors will have the opportunity to visit Monterrei Castle, a monumental fortified complex that dominates the entire valley, a strategic enclave since the Middle Ages on the Portuguese border. This fortress, the largest in Galicia, has three walled enclosures and its defensive elements include the Keep and the Ladies' Tower. One of the entrances has a drawbridge. The battlements, archers' slits and a 14-metre well in the inner courtyard complete the castle's defences.

Verín has beautiful landscapes along the course of the river Támega. It offers the possibility of enjoying a riverside beach and numerous outdoor bathing areas. In addition, hikers can follow different routes, including the castle route, the river Támega, the fountains route, the thermal spa route, or even the one that leads to the border with neighbouring Portugal.

The cultivated land of this region is very fertile. Vineyards abound, in which the famous Monterrei Designation of Origin wine is produced. The wineries can be visited, to discover how the wines are produced and to taste them, a pleasure for the lovers of good wine.

Verín is closely linked to its Carnival, a festival of national tourist interest where the protagonists are the cigarróns. These are traditional characters dressed in a carved wooden mask, with bells at the waist and whips with which they lash locals and visitors alike. In addition to the festivities, visitors can enjoy the typical dishes of these festivals: stew, pork with turnip greens, kid and lamb, cigarrón cake, sponge cake, and many other delicacies.


Type of accommodation:
Consult hotel offer in the area

Opening Period:
Open all year

Avda. de Sousas, s/n
32600 Sousas, Verín (Ourense)
Tel: 988 410 230
Fax: 988 410 575