Lobios Caldaria Thermal Spa Hotel

Lobios Caldaria Thermal Spa Hotel

Type of waters

Offers hyperthermal and low-mineral content waters, which emerge at a temperature of 77.1° C. The predominant ions are bicarbonate, sodium, chlorine, fluoride, and silicates.

Therapeutic indications

  • rheumatological problems
  • non-acute or chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • dermatological treatments
  • certain types of digestive and kidney-urethral complaints (no drinking water cure available)
  • stress


  • aero-hydromassage baths
  • carbonated bath
  • foot jets
  • circular shower
  • jet
  • shower massage
  • thermarium
  • relaxation massages
  • body and facial beauty
  • physiotherapy

Hotel Services

The hotel has 85 rooms, accessible for wheelchairs, and some fully adapted for the disabled. It has a restaurant where visitors can enjoy the typical dishes of the area and a bar-cafeteria. It has a gymnasium and a children's play area with children's entertainment. It also offers a meeting room and a convention hall equipped with all the necessary technologies and services for celebrating any type of event.


Archaeological remains of the old Roman thermal baths were discovered during building work on the current thermal spa. In 1773 the villagers built a small bath house that remained active until the first half of the 20th century. In 1962 Manuel Yáñez took over its operation, in exchange for providing electricity to the area. In 1991 the waters became municipal property, and work began on the project for the thermal baths, opened in 2002, designed by the architect María Jesús Castelo.

Enjoy the surroundings

Lobios Portugal

Lobios Entorno Caldaria Hotel Balneario

Lobios is situated in the south of the province of Ourense, bordering Portugal, in an environment of extraordinary scenic beauty and with a rich archaeological and ethnographic heritage.


The thermal spa hotel is on the route of the old Roman Way XVIII or Via Nova, which connected the Augustinian cities of Braga and Astorga, and now links the mountain range of Xurés with the Portuguese hills of Gerês. On foot, visitors can go on cultural hikes, visit the Roman mansion of Aquis Originis and one of the most important collections of milestones in Europe in Portela do Home.

In the neighbouring municipality of Bande you can admire the Roman camp of Aquis Querquennis and the church of Santa Comba, one of the few Visigothic churches in Spain.

Lobios is in the heart of the Xurés Natural Park. Visitors can take various tourist routes through this protected area, dominated by numerous river courses that accompany the river Limia. The mountains have a characteristic flora and fauna, including wolves, roe deer, mountain goats, the so-called Galician pony, golden eagles, and vipers…

Lobios is just 6 km from Portugal, very close to the Portuguese town of Gerês, centre of the Peneda Gerês National Park. As well as enjoying the local natural sights, visitors can see historical villages such as Ponte da Barca, Ponte da Lima or Arcos de Valdevez. Ponte da Lima is a very representative town of the Minho region, with a picturesque market, magnificent palaces and stately mansions.


Type of accommodation:
Hotel Thermal Spa ****

Health Registration Number:

Riocaldo, s/n.
32870 Lobios (Ourense)
Tel: 988 448 440
Fax: 988 448 443

Caldaria reservation centre:
Tel: 902 492 400
Fax: 988 280 484


Web: www.caldaria.es