Iberik Gran Balneario de Guitiriz

Iberik Gran Balneario de Guitiriz.

Types of water

Very weakly mineralised, sulphurous waters with predominant bicarbonate, chloride and sodium ions. They rise at 17 °C.

Therapeutic indications

  • Digestive system
  • Skin problems (dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis...)
  • Hepatic disorders
  • Respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis...)
  • Musculo-skeletal processes
  • Anti-stress treatments
  • Metabolic disorders


  • Aromatherapy Ritual
  • Marine Ritual
  • Wine Therapy Ritual
  • Chocolate Therapy Ritual
  • Relaxing Ritual
  • Iberik Thermal
  • Vichy Programme
  • Articulation Programme
  • Take care of yourself programme
  • Pamper yourself programme
  • Rest Programme
  • Guitiriz Programme
  • Rheumatic and respiratory therapeutic programmes
  • Wellness programmes to promote healthy lifestyles

Hotel Services

The complex has 103 rooms, restaurant, cafeteria, wifi connection, adapted rooms, pet-friendly rooms, rooms for events and conventions, gymnasium, paddle tennis courts, accessible facilities and common areas. Large free parking area, chapel and 40 hectares of green areas perfect for trekking.


The original spa was opened in 1908, but was not developed until Mr. Víctor Lamas Bancaño built the hotel in 1912, ranking it among the most prestigious thermal facilities in the country and comparing it with the best in Europe.

The hotel at the Fuente de San Juan Spa had a rectangular floor plan and three floors. All possible services were offered: in addition to bathing and bathing, there were lounges where you could rest, relax and converse; games, concerts, theatre, dances, parties and open-air activities were organised.

After the war, Mr Andrés Conde bought it with the idea of recovering and modernising its facilities. In 2003, the hotel was refurbished, maintaining the original façade and communicating with the spa through a gallery on the ground floor with exterior access.

After closing in 2017, it reopened its doors in May 2023 under the management of Iberik Hoteles, a chain that has given a new lease of life to the facilities of this historic spa. Located in an estate of more than 40 hectares, it is designed for relaxation, contact with nature and enjoying activities in the surrounding area.

The surroundings


Iberik Gran Balneario de Guitiriz.

The town council of Guitiriz belongs to the province of Lugo and the region of Terra Chá. Its location, only 30 kilometres from the geographical centre of Galicia and very close to the main Galician cities, is ideal for exploring the rest of the region. Guitiriz covers an area of 293.97 km2 and has 5,484 inhabitants. It is named after the Swabian king Witerico, who is credited with founding the town in the 6th century, when it was a land of hillforts, rivers and mills.



Type of accommodation:
Hotel balneario ****

Health Registration Number:

All year (closes 15 days in January for maintenance)

Ctra. del Balneario, s/n
27300 Guitiriz (Lugo)
Tel: 982 920 090

E-mail: reservas.guitiriz@iberikhoteles.com

Website: www.iberikhoteles.com/hoteles/iberik-guitiriz-balneario