Dávila Thermal Spa (Caldas de Reis)

Dávila Thermal Spa (Caldas de Reis)

Type of waters

Offers chloride-rich, sodium-rich, sulphur-rich, nitrogen-rich and radioactive waters, which emerge at a temperature of 48 °C.

Therapeutic indications

  • respiratory therapies
  • rheumatology
  • dermatological problems
  • relaxation


  • inhalation sprays
  • inhalations
  • sprays
  • thermal pool
  • baths
  • jets
  • showers
  • area for massages and manual treatments

Hotel Services

The Thermal Spa Hotel is located in the historical centre of Caldas, right on the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago, between the thermal spring and the river Umia. It has parking, restaurant, social lounge, Wi-Fi, heating, an elevator, and a medical service connected to the use of the thermal spa and garden.


The scribe Joaquín Dávila built the first bath house in 1780 to which extensive renovations were made over the centuries. The current building dates from the end of the 19thcentury, an initiative of its owner at that time, the lawyer David Legerén Cespón. It has an Eclecticist design, consisting of two floors and in which the decoration of its main façade stands out, presided over by a replica of a Roman altar discovered in the thermal spa.

Enjoy the surroundings

Caldas de Reis

Hotel Balneario Dávila (Caldas de Reis)

An ideal place to stroll through the municipality of Caldas is the garden park, designed in the nineteenth century in English style and declared a National Picturesque Site. On the banks of the river Umia and in the heart of the city centre, the hundred-year-old garden occupies 7,200 m2. It has several walks with more than a hundred different plant species. The park opens out onto the river Umia along a magnificent river viewpoint. A large oak grove of 23,200 m2also forms part of the landscape complex.

The region offers a large number of places to contemplate panoramic views of the beautiful landscapes of the valleys of the rivers Ulla and Umia, such as Monte Xiabre.


Trekking enthusiasts can follow, among others, the Water Route, which runs along the banks of the Umia and leads hikers from the oak grove and botanical garden to the impressive Segade waterfall, which includes a number of old mills, some of which have been restored.

The Portuguese Way of St. James passes through the town, a route used by Portuguese pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. The tradition of the Way goes back to the 9th century AD, when the bishop of Iria Flavia, Teodomiro, alerted by the hermit Paio of the existence of mysterious lights, informed the Asturian king Alfonso II of the discovery of a tomb that contained the mortal remains of the Apostle Santiago. These lights are the origin of the Campus Stellae, known as the Way of the Stars.

In Caldas the typical products are lamprey pies and bread. The municipality is well known for a type of wheat bread called pan de manteiga (butter bread), since cow's butter is used in its production. Its Easter sponge cake, which is made throughout the whole year and has its own festival, has a strange body-like shape.


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Thermal spa hotel **

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