Cuntis Thermal Spa

Termas de Cuntis

Type of waters

Offers sulphur-rich, sodium-rich, fluoride-rich, silica-rich and lithium-rich waters, which emerge at a temperature of between 17 and 64 °C.

Therapeutic indications

  • rheumatological conditions
  • respiratory system
  • dermatology
  • circulation
  • relaxation


  • hydromassage and aeromasage baths
  • circular shower
  • thermal pool
  • jets
  • Vichy shower
  • footbaths
  • paraffin mud treatments
  • muds and algae
  • saunas
  • steam cabins
  • inhalations
  • electrotherapy
  • thermarium
  • manual massages
  • physiotherapy room, gymnasiums and beauty booths

Hotel Services

The complex consists of two hotels. The Hotel Castro do Balneario has 18 rooms, a large garden next to the river Umia, with a swimming pool, playground for children and a gazebo beneath a centenary elm. The Hotel La Virgen offers all the comforts of a four-star establishment and in its dining room visitors can enjoy typical Galician cuisine.


By 1697 Limón Montero had already spoken of the "Caldas de Cuntis" and described three springs. In 1835, during building work on a house, a square pool was found, for about twelve people, with a special mortar and a fountain in each corner, confirming the use of these waters since ancient times. The predecessors to the current property merged the Baños del Castro and Baños de la Virgen in 1886. In 1998 a new building was constructed on the land occupied by the old Barreiro bath house, entirely dedicated to balneotherapy and connected to the hotel zone through a tunnel

Enjoy the surroundings


Termas de Cuntis

Thanks to its excellent location, in the heart of the Ulla-Umia region, from Cuntis travellers can reach the beaches of the Rías Baixas in a few minutes, admire the monumentality of Santiago or Pontevedra, or visit the city of Vigo.

The region is full of remnants from other eras. These include rock carvings from the Bronze Age, which contain a variety of motifs: labyrinths, circular combinations, cupmarks, or animal figures.

Castrolandín is an exceptional open-air museum of a fortified Iron Age settlement. In the summer months the work of archaeologists in the restoration of the site can be observed and guided tours are available.

An outstanding modern structure is El Hospitalillo, a large house that currently contains the Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture). The granary of the Rectory of Estacas has seven spans and is the largest in the entire municipality; its construction on a gradient makes it all the more striking.

Mount Xesteiras, with a height of 718 meters, is the highest peak in the region, from where beautiful horizons can be admired. The monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by sculptor Francisco Asorey, stands on a high point, offering perfect views over the town.

The recreational area of A Pontenova, in the area around the river Umia, is an ideal place for rest and leisure, with an area equipped for picnics. Canoes can also be rented.

The region offers a wide network of trails. One of these routes is the Circular Path of Cuntis, covering a distance of 24 km, which takes walkers from the valley to the mountains, crossing the rivers Gallo and Umia, with their waterfalls and pools, crossing villages and truly enchanting settings.


Type of accommodation:
Thermal Spa Hotel ****

Health Registration Number:

Opening Period:
All year

Rúa do Balneario, 1
36670 Cuntis (Pontevedra)
Tel: 986 532 525
Fax: 986 532 151