Compostela Thermal Spa Hotel (Brión)

Compostela Thermal Spa Hotel (Brión)

Type of waters

Its mineral-medicinal waters are sulphur-, bicarbonate-sodium and silica-rich, and fluoridated.

Therapeutic indications

  • Prevention and treatment of psychological problems (stress, anxiety, depression and neurological problems)
  • Chronic rheumatism
  • Chronic respiratory diseases (COPD, asthma and bronchiectasis)
  • Especially effective in treating skin diseases and joint problems such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.


  • swimming pool for therapeutic uses and two dynamic pools, with different recreational elements, suitable for both children and adults.
  • mineral-medicinal baths with Niagara and Jamaica baths
  • jets
  • inhalations
  • Vichy shower
  • physiotherapy and rehabilitation room
  • algae and mud wraps
  • massages
  • pressure therapy
  • ultratone
  • facial and body beauty treatments

Hotel Services

The hotel, linked to the thermal spa through a corridor, has 59 exterior rooms, divided into double rooms, family rooms and junior suites, all equipped with free Wi-Fi. It offers a restaurant service, bar-cafeteria, meeting and banquet rooms, and a large and excellent fitness centre. In the summer you can enjoy two magnificent terraces, one in the thermal spa building and the other on the first floor of the hotel.

In addition, the visitors will be able to enjoy an extensive active tourism offer in its surrounding area, with a varied offer, and a golf course fifteen minutes from the hotel.


The origins of the spring of Our Lady of the Angels date back in all likelihood to Roman times, as the via cessum passed through these lands. The first historical references to the use of these waters date back to 1813 and in 1928 they were considered Mineral-Medicinal Waters of Public Use. The Compostela Thermal Spa is a contemporary granite building, designed at the end of the 20thcentury by the architect César Portela.

Enjoy the surroundings

Brión - Santiago de Compostela

The municipality of Brión in A Coruña, located in the beautiful Maía valley, is about ten minutes from the centre of Santiago de Compostela and fifteen minutes from the fishing village of Noia. The Compostela Thermal Spa is also very close to Bertamiráns, the centre of the local council of Ames.

The area is ideal for enjoying nature, together with a rich monumental and architectural heritage. | | |

The Maía valley has a very close relationship with the renowned poetess Rosalía de Castro. The house where she lived during her childhood, with her aunts, before moving to Padrón, still stands in the parish of Ortoño, in the local council of Ames.

The area is a transit zone of the Way of St. James that leads to Finisterre. In these lands is one of the places of greatest scenic beauty of the Way, Ponte Maceira (Ames). The village is crossed by the river Tambre, which contains the riverside beach of Tapia, with a beautiful waterfall. In Ponte Maceira you can visit a monumental complex made up of a medieval village, an old mill, a reservoir, a chapel, a modern manor house and a magnificent bridge built in the 13th century taking advantage of the pillars of a previous Roman bridge.

The town of Brión is closely linked to Santa Minia, a teenage martyr from the Roman Empire who has been venerated since 1848. The urn with the remains of the saint is on display in the chapel that bears her name and is still unfinished.

The Oak Wood of Santa Minia, where the most important pilgrimage in the municipality takes place at the end of September, is also very popular. This famous celebration receives numerous visitors from different parts of Galicia, other regions and northern Portugal. It is an excellent opportunity to taste the famous Galician style octopus (pulpo á feira).

Visitors arriving in Brión will also have the opportunity to visit Santiago de Compostela, see the Cathedral, walk its historical streets, visit its museums, the City of Culture, or taste its tapas. For those who prefer to enjoy the sea, the neighbouring town of Noia and its estuary as far as the town of Muros, offers a multitude of possibilities, with its beaches and its rich gastronomy associated with seafood.


Type of accommodation:
Hotel Thermal Spa *** SUP

Health Registration Number:
SA101G 2005/1-0

Opening period:
All year

Estrada Santiago-Noia, AC 543, km 8.
O Tremo - Os Ánxeles 15280 Brión (A Coruña)
Tel.: 981 559 000