The Galician Thermal Spa Association

The Galician Thermal Spa Association was created in 1985 with the aim of representing and promoting the Galician thermal spa sector. Ten thermal spa owners met at the Gran Hotel La Toja, resulting in the creation of the Association, the second of its kind in Spain. At that time the spas were closed throughout the entire winter, and only opened three or four months a year. Over time the sector gradually evolved, until achieving the prestige it enjoys today. The Association currently comprises a total of 19 thermal spas.

  • The initiatives supported by the Association include the Medical Hydrology Chair of the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Galician Spa Association, the second to be created in Spain. The aim is to train future doctors in this field, and to promote the therapeutic value of mineral-medicinal waters.
  • It promotes the wide range of thermal  spas in Galicia both within the region and in other parts of Spain, with tour operators, and through its participation in different types of events. At international level, it takes part in trade fairs such as Thermalies or Termatalia.
  • It promotes the sector through cultural activities such as the exhibition “Leisure of the waters” and the publication of the book with the same title.
  • It supports the production of guidebooks and informative leaflets to publicise the work of Galician spas to the general public.
  • It supports the work carried out by different bodies and organisations in favour of the progress of the sector, through the awarding of its Gold Insignia.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Galician Thermal Spa Association is comprised of the following members:

  • CHAIRWOMAN: Marisol Espiño (Thermal Spa of Cuntis)
  • VICE-CHAIRMAN: Antonio Garaloces (Lugo Spa – Roman Baths)
  • SECRETARY: Jesús Garriga (Partovia Spa)
  • TREASURER: José Ramón Fernández (Carballo Spa)
  • BOARD MEMBER: Laura Gómez (Mondariz Spa)
  • MANAGER: Benigno Amor

The Galician Spa Association

Woman in hot tub, photo by Paje Victoria from Unsplash